Bonis Ceramics

Special Bundles

Choose one of our special bundles with handmade greek ceramics and sets of products of different categories in order to uplevel your home decoration.

It is true that ceramics can make a huge difference in your house decor. Tradition, quality, uniqueness are only three of the several benefits that ceramics can offer in your daily life. Different combinations of coffee cups, the famous Pythagora’s cups, lacy dishes, standard dishes, napkin holders, bowls, small vases, medium vases, large vases, duplicates and more, are available through our sets & new year’s product bundles in affordable prices!

Why to choose us
a. Quality – authenticity – uniqueness
b. Respect for the tradition
c. Variety of designs and colors
d. Consistency and transparency
e. Perfectly safe shipping at your place
f. Product replacement in case of damage during shipment

Our philosophy
To begin with, high quality, excellent materials and respect for the Greek, Rhodesian tradition is the triptych that structures the philosophy of our company. Furthermore, the variety of designs, the quality and the transparency towards the customer help us earn their trust and keep them close to us for years.  Secondly, the main objective, from our beginning until today, is the high quality of the products.

Each stage of the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the final design and manufacture of the products, is characterized by an emphasis on quality and consistency. Moreover, a wide variety of designs, shapes and colors can be found in our exhibition, designed to satisfy every taste.

Last but not least, the handmade nature of our products, our passion and the love for traditional ceramics guarantee a unique result for the customer.

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