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The artisanship of Bonis Ceramics holds an important position in the field of folk art and creation. Also, its facilities are located at the 28th kilometer of Rhodes – Lindos avenue (Panagia Tsampika Church) and occupy a 500 sq.m. area. Moreover, it has an incredible view of Tsampika Beach and the hill with the famous monastery of Panagia Kyra-Tsampika.

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Colorful Dimitris Deer Vase

Our History - Bonis Ceramics

Our company Bonis Ceramics holds on to the tradition, as started by its founder Dorotheos Bonis. He initially worked in the historic factory “IKAROS” where he remained for 20 years.

Then, with pure love for his art and the tradition of Rhodes, he opened his own workshop in Kremasti, Rhodes in 1969. He stayed there until 1979.
In addition, the next stop was the city of Rhodes, on Griva Street, where he remained until 1983. Then he created a new workshop in the area of ​​Afandou. Also, there he was working with his son Dimitris Bonis. To be more specific, he later took over and put more emphasis on promoting the products in a larger market, making the company well-known both in Greece and foreign countries.

Additionally, from 2015 until today, the workshop is housed in the 28th kilometer of Rhodes – Lindos avenue, in a special area with a beautiful view.

Furthermore, Dimitris Bonis, faithful to the tradition, continues the production, using the best methods and materials, with the help of his sons Dorotheos and Manolis – third generation of the family art and business – who contribute to the upward course of the company by providing new designs and new innovative proposals. Of course, always with the presence and guidance of the founder who still supports our family.

As a result, over the years, over two million people have visited our workshop and gallery.

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