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Dorotheos Bonis (Founder - 1st Generation)

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The founder of our industry and probably one of the top ceramics artists in Greece. He was born in 1936 and started his career in 1949, first working in the great factory “IKAROS”. In fact, he served there as general manager from 1961 to 1964. 

In 1969, he started his own business BONIS CERAMICS – ΚΕΡΑΜΙΚΑ ΜΠΟΝΗΣ, which, based on his remarkable creations, acquired and continues to maintain an important position in the preferences of the art-loving consumers. 

Today, being 84 years old, he keeps impressing the visitors with his extraordinary artistic skills. The art of Ceramics owes much to him.

Dimitris Bonis (2nd Generation)

Dimitris is the second generation of the family. He followed and still does practice the unique art of his father, Dorotheos.

He was born 1967. He has been by his father’s side since 1979.

He evolved both the artistic and the professional status of the company in his own way, and today he is also one of the leading ceramic artists in Greece.

Many of his countless creations are found all over the world.

Dimitris Bonis

Dorotheos & Manolis (3rd Generation)

Dorotheos Bonis Jr

Dorotheos Jr and Manolis are the third generation. 

The first one, born in 1994, is professionally  active in the tourism sector and holds a degree in computer science. Along with his personal  progress, he provides valuable tips and ideas for the professional development of the company.

The second one, born in 1998, is engaged in painting and drawing. He is a worthy follower of the family art and provides the industry with remarkable creations. Along with his contribution in the family business, he is studying architecture.

Manolis Bonis

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